Are you looking for a great lake to fish in Brainerd? Fishing in Brainerd Minnesota’s wide variety of lakes and rivers has been a popular destination for fisherman and their families since the first Brainerd resorts were developed. Guests at our resort will find many fishing opportunities on Lake Edward.

Lake Edward is over 2000 acres, and about 2 miles north to south and 1 mile east to west and basically oval in shape, with 100% sand shore. The average depth is 15 feet, with a lot of structure, and a 75 foot hole. Lake Edward is well known for it’s fishing, but is also large enough for water skiing and much quieter than a chain of lakes.

A Beautiful Day for Catching Fish! Annually the lake is stocked with walleye fry, and is also home to northern pike, largemouth and smallmouth bass, sunfish, and crappies. You may also find the occasional perch and maybe a dogfish or even a bullhead. A day of fishing can be pretty interesting!

Lake Edward has very clear water; so while fishing you can often see fish swimming below you. This is especially helpful when sunfish are what you are looking for. Since most fish prefer weedy areas, there aren’t many fish to be found around the dock near our swimming area.

At Shing Wako we have boat and pontoon rentals and plenty of dock space and boat lifts for rent. Our pontoons have been especially popular with families.

We personally practice catch-and-release, and we encourage our guests to do the same. For those who are fishing for dinner, we have a fish cleaning house near the beach that can be used to clean whatever you’ve decided to keep. We also have freezer space available for you. If you are staying at Shing Wako as a Minnesota reunions group you might like to plan a fishing tournament, let us know if that is the case, we would like to help in any way we can.

Fishing licenses and bait can be purchased in Ossippe or Merrifield, 1.5 miles north or 4 miles south of us. We sell gas and oil here at the resort, and will personally gas up your boat at the dock. Simply inquire at the office or catch Marty running around – he is the one who is always barefooted.

Fishing Info

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