As owners of Shing Wako Resort we believe in being good resources managers.

Firewood Alert!
Avoid the spread of pests from other areas into ours. Please DO NOT bring firewood from home or put us in the position to have to ask you for it. We sell quality firewood, at a reasonable price, with free delivery to your private fire ring!

· 150 ft of our 450 ft shoreline will remain undeveloped to allow nature to filter the water running back into the lake and continue to provide safe habitat for the shoreland wildlife.

· Our two wells are deep, with great tasting water. In fact we encourage you to “drink the water!” Our wells are tested every year and the water has many minerals that are good for you. Please don’t generate plastic refuse by drinking bottled water.

· We purchase wind energy from our local electric company.

· We are converting from to low watt florescent light bulbs to LED’s. 

· All of our cabins are non-smoking and non-vaping.

· We clean our cabins and linens primarily with phosphate free/plant based cleaners and essential oils; annually treating all the mattresses with NOREX mattress protectant.

· We have installed new septic systems and drain fields in the last few years. Everything is pumped at least 600 ft from the lake and then taken away by the local Septic pumping company.

· We personally practice “Catch & Release.”

· Most of our rentals with motors have newer 4 stroke engines for more efficient gas and oil consumption and less lake pollution.

Invasive Species Alert!
Lake Edward DOES have Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). Take all precautions to prevent the spread! To learn more about either of the above topics visit the MN DNR for the most up-to-date information.

· We use off peak electric to heat & cool the air/water in our home, office/store and laundry building.

· Most of our toilets are low flush and we continue to convert the remaining.

· 12 out of 18 of our cabins, the office/store & our home have energy efficient windows and extra deep insulation.

· We use a front load washer for our main laundry and in our Reunion Lodges – saving energy, water and detergent.

· We use mulching lawn mowers.

· We compost and deliver it to a local farmer when it’s ready to be used as fertilizer.

· We recycle! Please recycle when you are here too!

· We recycle our ink cartridges.

· Every year we update our list of Farmer’s Markets in the area.

We strive to keep the health of our lake, our customers, our employees and ourselves a very important aspect of vacationing. This is an ongoing process and we gladly invite your questions and suggestions.